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  • "I've been doing CrossFit now for 8 years. When I first started, it was because my family insisted I do something active. I used to be active when I was younger in public school and high school but then when I went to university my active lifestyle just took a downward spiral. I gained a bunch of weight, was out of shape and didn't have the motivation to be active and take care of my body. I went to 2 other CrossFit gyms before I came to CrossFit solid ground, they were good for community, motivation, sense of pride knowing I was bettering myself but I got to a certain point where I wanted more especially when it came to coaching, professionalism and better personal results. I had heard about Crossfit solid ground, I had heard good things, so I thought I'd try it out even though it was hard leaving friends behind at my other CrossFit gym. It's now been 5 years and honestly I've never looked back. I'd say the best thing about Crossfit solid ground is the coaching, the mantra's and the results. Yes I've made a lot of friends here and this place like many Crossfit gyms feels like my second home but honestly results and coaching is what really stands out here. I would honestly put CFSG in the top spot for Crossfit gyms in Ontario, more than likely one of the top CrossFit gyms in Canada. I think facts/results speak volumes, anyone can tell you a gym is good but I would suggest coming here and seeing it for yourself and making your own judgement. This gym will not let you down, it certainly hasn't let me down and I'm a serious judge of character who spends his dollars and time wisely. Crossfit solid ground is worth it all and continues to change my life in a positive way consistently every class. "


  • "CrossFit Solid Ground has been my home away from home for the past 2 years. There is a sense of community here and I have felt welcome by the coaches and the members since my very first workout. Every time I step into Solid Ground I am constantly being challenged; whether I'm learning a new skill, hitting a PR, or getting back to the basics, the coaches and other members are always cheering me (and each other) on! If it weren't for this amazing community, I wouldn't have been able to achieve my goals - I am healthier, stronger, and happier than I have ever been. I can honestly say that I have learnt so much and have made some amazing, new, lifelong friends. I would recommend Solid Ground to everyone. It is so dynamic, accommodating, and inclusive, everyone will reach their goals- inside and outside of the gym!"


  • "I cannot speak highly enough of CFSG. CFSG is not just a box with kickass workouts that will seriously get you in the best shape of your life, but a tight-knit community. A variety of age and fitness levels attend the classes, so there are never any feelings of embarrassment because of your ability or inability to do something. Everyone - members and coaches - is welcoming, motivating and laidback. The trainers are also extremely knowledgeable and very mindful of correct weight-lifting technique. They breakdown the movements into simple steps in order to develop proper form and avoid injury. Whether you are new to CrossFit or an experienced CrossFitter, you'd love this place and fit right in."


  • "CFSG and it's awesome community is the place I go to that's guaranteed to make my day better. The community and coaches are always uplifting and motivating! CrossFit is for anyone that wants to be better in all facets of life. You will do things in the gym that you never thought you could do, which will change how you think outside of the gym too."

    Stephanie Pileggi

  • "I have been doing CrossFit for almost six years and I have done things in the last three years since joining Solid Ground that I never thought possible. At age 48, I got my first hand stand push-up, bar muscle up and put weight over my head I never thought possible in my life. I started CrossFit at the same time I started my business and Crossfit has made me more resilient and taught me the importance of process and surrounding yourself with people who constantly push you to be better. At age 48 things don't get easier and CrossFit has helped me stay fit, focused and given me energy that I need both at the gym and outside of it in both personally and professionally. Solid Ground is a great diverse community with amazing coaches and the support you get from your fellow CrossFitters is second to none. I love my hour each day at Solid Ground the people I get to work out with each day. Nothing beats finishing a 6:15 am class and starting the day knowing you got a great WOD in."

    Perry Doody

  • "Growing up I played team sports and once I aged out I found it difficult to motivate myself to work out by going to a Goodlife style gym because of the lack of community. I found that and more at Solid Ground - the social life, the friendly competitiveness and the personal coaching. It is exactly what is missing from your standard gym. Not only am I the fittest and healthiest I've been but many of my closest friends are members I've met at CFSG which makes it really easy to show up to work out every night! It is entirely adaptable for any age, body type and fitness level. The coaches have a wealth of knowledge, they are there to challenge you but also support you in any way needed. The members are like family and always open to new faces joining the community."

    Corrie Goulden

  • "I joined Crossfit with the aim of getting a better workout than your typical fitness class. I was attracted to the group environment and that every workout day was different. What I did not expect was to inherit a community of amazing people. As a new immigrant to Canada Crossfit has enabled me to build a group of like minded friends that have now become friends both in and out of the gym! Crossfit is accessible to anyone and the coaches at Solid Ground and great at helping you scale to your needs. Before you know it you will have completed over 500 classes and impressing others with your new skills. "

    Ashley Goulden

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