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Justin Muir

CrossFit Level 1 Instructor

  • Emergency First Aid and CPR-C Training

Justin a.k.a “JM” was always physically active and regularly spent his days at the typical “globo gym” doing bench presses and bicep curls, but his approach to training changed after being introduced to CrossFit by a friend.  After initially cursing the different movements he had to learn, such as pull-ups and double-unders, Justin began to appreciate the variety in CrossFit workouts, and joined a local CrossFit gym.  Today, if you were to ask him to list his favourite CrossFit movements, he’d probably say pull-ups and double-unders.

Justin is part of the OG Solid Ground crew-  he helped us build Solid Ground to the sweet training grounds you see today and he was one of our first members!  From day one, he’s been committed to his training and growth as a Coach and member, and loves encouraging others to do the same.  Justin’s usually the first one to crack a joke in a workout as a reminder that you should never take anything too seriously.  His favourite part about coaching is seeing the community come together and watching members push one another to do their best in every workout.

Outside of the gym, Justin dreams of doughnuts and ice cream.  When he’s not playing the latest video game, he’s probably running around with his dog at the nearest dog park.  

Favourite Benchmark Workout: Barbara
Pump Up Jam: “Make’Em Say Ugh” - Master P

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