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Kulraj Shergill

Kulraj Shergill is a registered physiotherapist and sports medicine specialist who brings a wealth of knowledge and diverse experience to the table. On the road to becoming a physiotherapist, Kulraj pursued the sport of baseball to Iowa where he earned an athletic and academic scholarship. His background in high level sports, and the injuries and recovery that came with it, has been a large influence on his approach to treatment. His personal belief is a healthy body and mind can go a long way in leading a healthy life.

Kulraj brings with him extensive sports based physiotherapy as he was a part of the Iowa Stars/ Chops (AHL), Telford United FC, and New York Metís (MLB) medical team. In treatment, he uses a combination of advanced manual therapy techniques and specific exercise programs to help his clients reach their goals. Whether trying to optimize athletic performance, rehabilitate an injury or simply being prepared for the hurdles life sends your way, Kulraj has learned what it takes to succeed.

The techniques that Kulraj uses to treat his patients include:

  • Manual therapy (Soft Tissue Massage and Manipulation, Joint Mobilizations, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy);
  • Sports Specific Training (Pre/Rehab);
  • Pain Management Techniques for Chronic Illnesses;
  • Pre- and Post-Operation Program Planning Execution;
  • Fitness, Diet, and Weight Management;
  • Biomechanical Assessment and Optimization;
  • Gait and Posture Analysis and Correction; and 
  • Balance/ Proprioception Enhancement Techniques.

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