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XFit Kids


What’s better than learning to be fit when you’re an adult? Learning when you’re young, so you can be healthy and fit for your whole life!

Our X-Fit Kids program brings functional fitness to classes of 8-13 year olds, incorporating elements of athletic development and FUN. These 45 minute classes combine some strength training, balance and coordination drills, metabolic conditioning and more. They are dynamic and exciting, with the kids doing something different every single day – just like our CrossFit programs!

Our goal with this program is not only to get kids started moving and moving well at a young age, but to help them develop the habits and the mindset that will keep them healthy and fit for many years to come. Much like our regular programs, we work with kids of all levels of ability and fitness, meeting them where they are and helping them to improve. Whether this is the only thing getting them off the couch, or if they are a competitive athlete looking to take their fitness to the next level, or anything in between – we can help!

Do you have kids aged 8-13 who might be interested in getting fit? Their first class is FREE!

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