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5 Quick Nutrition Tips to Step up your CrossFit Game

Posted Oct 11th, 2018 in News

5 Quick Nutrition Tips to Step up your CrossFit Game

By: Jordana Nazzicone CISSN, ND

1. Modify calories depending on activity level. If you know you’re going to hit
a hard workout, make sure your consuming at least 300 calories more than
you would on a rest or active-rest day.

2. Consume enough protein for your body and fitness goals. GOOGLE LIES. 0.8
g/kg body weight/day is just not enough. (it is if you want to crumble). Not
sure what your numbers should be?… we can help.

3. Hydration is key. Replenishing water, electrolytes, and minerals after a
workout is important to maintain optimal muscle function and step up your
recovery game.

4. Timing is everything. Muscle protein synthesis is the most elevated
immediately after a workout so make sure you’re getting in at least 20 g of
protein no more than 1 hour post- WOD.

5. Focus on the QUALITY of your macros. It’s great if you’re consistently
hitting your macros but even BETTER if you’re feeding your body with
micronutrients in the process. This is the stuff you get from whole foods, a
variety of fruits and vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Your body can
only live on chicken, white rice and ketchup for so long my friends.

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