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It's Game(s) Time

Posted Jul 31st, 2018 in News

It’s Game(s) Time.

It’s that time of the year; when the world’s fittest congregate in Madison, Wisconsin to participate in the CrossFit Games. Although this is an exciting time for the CrossFit community, we at Solid Ground are particularly invested, as Patrick Vellner will be competing for his third year in a row. We sat down with Pat and asked him some very important questions in an exclusive interview that only Solid Ground has the rights to.

If you’re not sure what we are talking about, let us paint a picture for you. You come in for your regularly scheduled CrossFit class. You saunter in, say ‘hello’ to the coach at the front desk. They ask you how your day was and you say, “well, I’m glad I made it to CrossFit, it was a busy one.” You put your bag down in the change room, fill up your water bottle. You wander over to do some light stretching and notice a gentleman in the other room. You notice that he has been there now everyday that you come in. Sometimes during the day, in the mornings, or in the late evenings. He has a determined look on his face while he’s lifting hundreds of pounds of weight over his head while running on a treadmill with a weighted vest on: Meet Patrick Vellner.

Okay, okay, so maybe that was a little over the top… however, Pat works out at Solid Ground as he is a student at CMCC. He works hard, every single day. Pat is going to be representing Solid Ground in Madison. From Wednesday until Sunday, he will endure some of the toughest workouts you have ever seen. You can watch by going to the CrossFit games website or following along the gym Instagram account as Coach Justin will be going to the Games to support Pat!

We sat down with Pat while he was training one day last week to ask him some very in depth questions about his training regime.

Interviewer: Pat, what is your absolute favourite type of chip?

Pat: I do love chips. But, Miss Vickie’s Sweet Chili, now that’s a helluva of a chip. I always pour chips into a bowl, so that I don’t eat the whole bag. A coupla chips for a rainy day, now that’s a good day.

Interviewer: We should probably contact Miss Vickies to get some sort of sponsorship. Keeping on the theme of snacks, what is your favourite type of sweet?

Pat: I actually have 25g to 50g of gummies programmed into my nutrition for long training days. I like gummies, sour candies, and fuzzy peaches. I sometimes have emergency gummies in my gym bag. Once I’m done two sessions and I find gummies in my bag that’s heaven.

Interviewer: I’m more of a sweedish berry type of candy eater. I guess I need to up my training sessions to incorporate gummies. Moving along to another topic, what is your favourite zoo animal?

Pat: I like the monkeys; they are fun to watch. I like those small monkeys that swing from the trees.

Interviewer: I see on Instagram lots of people ask or comment about your hair. Although I’ve never seen anyone ask… what shampoo do you use? Do you use 2 in 1 or do you have a separate conditioner?

Pat: You’re right; I don’t think anyone has ever asked me what shampoo I use. I use the Aussi brand shampoo and have Garnier as a backup. I just use shampoo. Sometimes after swimming, I use a separate shampoo.

Interviewer: Last question—what is your favourite 90s movie?

Pat: The Big Lebowski

We can’t wait to see you compete at the CrossFit Games, Pat! We have the pleasure of seeing how hard you work and can’t wait to see it all put into action.

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