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A Word On Mobility

Posted Apr 25th, 2018 in News

When I was growing up I would often be lectured, as I am sure most were by their parents, “Stand tall” and “Don’t Hunch”. I would get frustrated and roll my eyes as if I knew better. Fact is we didn’t know better, and now more than ever we need to re-evaluate what we know about our bodies and how they function. Somehow my parents were on the right path but even they couldn’t tell me all the benefits I would have from correcting those bad habits.

Posture refers to the body’s positioning and alignment in respect to the effect of gravity. Sitting, standing and even lying down has many different effects to the body. The force reacts differently with each position and has many different overall affects to our health and our abilities. Ideally the force distributed through the body is evenly displaced as to minimize the stress our bodies feel even at rest.

The effects then are magnified when we begin to add other factors such as weights, sports movements, or compound movements to accomplish a desired goal. Correcting these positions could potentially benefit everything we hold close as athletes and active individuals such as ease of movements, flexibility, balance, spine and organ function and health. A couple key points of emphasis I will be covering in my seminar on this topic are the following:

- Portrays a better, confident self image

- Breathing ability is optimized

- Circulation and digestion improvements

- Muscle and joint protection

- Frame of mind

- Spine health

For a better understanding of how these factors can be achieved and controlled with posture, make your way out to the Mobility seminars held by yours truly. The seminar is open to all and we encourage you to come with an open mind and any questions or concerns you may have. We want to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself and optimize your health with key tips and advice. Did we mention this seminar is free? 

See you then, 

Kulraj Shergill

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