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What Is “Fitness” and Why Do We Care?

Posted Dec 21st, 2017 in News

What Is “Fitness” and Why Do We Care?

by Coach Rob Sinclair 

We throw this word around a lot in our world, but what do we really mean by it? What is this “fitness” thing we’re trying to improve each day and why do we care? How does it CHANGE our life when it’s better?

Fitness Defined

In our world there are really two definitions of "fitness" that we work from:

The first is the technical definition of fitness, namely, “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains”. In normal speak, this means you can do more of whatever you choose to do, regardless of what you choose to do. Want to lift? You can lift more, and faster. Want to run? You can run more, and run better. Want to learn or play a sport? You can learn faster, and play better. And on and on we go...

The second is a definition from more of an overall health perspective. This one often gets overlooked or lost in the noise because it’s less sexy or more abstract. But stay with me here, because it’s way more important.

If we think of your health as a continuum, we think of fitness in the context of the image below. Most of us have been taught that “wellness” is what we’re shooting for and "sickness" is what we don't want. We want to stay out of the “at risk” ranges for markers like blood pressure, body fat percentages, resting heart rate, bone density, blood sugar/insulin sensitivity, etc. But western medicine’s general perspective on these things is that “wellness” is simply the absence of disease. It says NOTHING about vitality, or about the maximization of your potential, your quality of life, or your longevity. The perspective tends to be just stay “not sick” for as long as you can, and watch your quality of life slowly decline, and then die when it finally catches up with you. Not exactly an inspiring goal.

The work that we do serves to change this perspective. We look at FITNESS as the real goal in our health. Specifically, we want to look at OPTIMIZING all of these health factors to truly maximize our potential, to maximize our quality of life, and to maximize our longevity. The pursuit of fitness is about pro-actively improving these health factors to see just how good they can get, and how good your life can become as a result.

Getting FIT and Living FULLY

Now that we know what we’re pursuing, let’s quickly discuss why it matters... imagine these two contrasting scenarios (for some of you this may hit home even more than others):

Scenario A - You are in the “normal” ranges for health markers like body fat, blood pressure, bone density, and cholesterol, etc., which is to say you are not (yet) sick. What does your quality of life look like? Well, you notice that with each passing year, your energy levels are a little lower. You are a little less motivated to get out and do active things, to learn, or to have adventures. Your aches and pains are stacking up slowly, and subtly, but noticeably. It’s a little tougher to get out of bed each morning. Keeping up with “the kids” seems harder and harder, even though you still feel like you’re 20 in your mind. Stress is a major factor in your life, and it seems to control your mood and your actions more than you’d like it to. At the end of a long day, you long for some mindless entertainment and bed. Best of all, when you bring these things up to your doctor, they’re likely to say “that’s just part of getting older”. Great, thanks Doc.

Scenario B - You are actively learning, engaging, and doing the work to OPTIMIZE these health factors. You are better than average for most health markers like blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat, glucose/insulin sensitivity, bone density, cholesterol, etc. (putting you in a category most systems will classify as “athletic”). You have ENERGY and feel alive. You are motivated to get out and use the strength and the energy that you have worked to build by learning new things and taking on adventures. You have some stress in your life, but have found positive and constructive outlets for it and it doesn’t control you. After a long work day, you still have plenty of energy, attention and passion to share with your loved ones, or to work on projects that matter to you. You are in every way RESILIENT- mentally, emotionally, and physically- bouncing back easily from the challenges that you face in your life. Your doctor would probably ask “what have you been doing?"

Which would you prefer?

This is the impact of the pursuit of FITNESS. The work that we do here at Solid Ground creating a comprehensive strength and conditioning program, pursuing good clean nutrition and learning to manage stress, all serve to optimize these health factors and by extension optimize your quality of life.

We believe that everyone deserves to live a life that is the fullest expression of who they really are and we know that FITNESS lays the foundation for that to be possible. It’s time to GET FIT and LIVE FULLY...

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