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Training Tips: How to Better Your Burpee

Posted Nov 14th, 2017 in News

Training Tips: How to Better Your Burpee

by Coach Justin Tamane 

Why do you hate burpees? The answer is simple- they are simple. They are one of the most primal movements that you can perform.  Burpees are one of, if not, the least complex exercises that we use. They require almost no particular ability or skill. There is nothing that is going to stop you from performing them... other than what is between your ears.

To perform a burpee, you get down to the ground then get back off the ground. It is simple, yes, yet can be very effective. A workout with burpees is usually more difficult precisely because of how little complexity goes into the movement. You are able to move as fast (or as slow) as you want. It’s not a heavy barbell that you’re not sure you can lift properly.  It’s not a complex gymnastics skill you’re worried about failing if you don’t rest enough in between reps.  You have to lay on the ground and get up.  That’s it.  You are in control, so if you have the will to move faster, you can.

So, how do we get better at burpees? The key is remembering that your mindset is more of an indication of how you will do than your body’s ability to perform the movement. You will never fail on a burpee. Yes, there is a limit to most people's capacity.  However, having a better frame of mind will help you take that next step forward.

The next time you read the word ‘burpee’ in a workout, try to change your frame of mind.  Take a different mental approach. Think about how you are going to overcome the movement and how you can move faster through the movement. Challenge yourself to limit how much rest you take on the ground or how many breaths you take at the top instead of going for a walk until you feel like doing another one. Challenge yourself to finish each set faster at the end than did at the beginning. Challenge yourself to keep going, even when you get out of breath or uncomfortable.

Get out of your own head about how much you dislike burpees and challenge yourself to enjoy the process.  We’re not just building your physical strength and conditioning, we’re also building your mental toughness and testing your will to go on.

Burpees- You’re welcome.

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