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Community First

Posted Feb 3rd, 2017 in News

Community First

Written By:  Coach JT

There is something to be said for being part of a community that builds you up, challenges you, and helps you to become a better athlete. The type of community where when you are the last one, working to finish your workout or last rep and the whole class is standing around you cheering you on; that sense of belonging grows stronger. We are all apart of many different communities in our day to day life, yet, the CFSG community continues to grow in more ways than one. Whether you are a part of the crew that diligently shows up at 6:15 am or the crowd that hustles in to make the evening class, we are all a part of the same community working towards common goals.

The CrossFit open, for me, becomes a time of goal setting as well as reflection. In reflecting, while looking forward to this year’s open, I was reminded of how our community has grown. With the gym now being open for almost four years, the gym first participated in the Open in 2014. It was almost impossible to not sign up for the open in the first year as everyone was doing it. Now in 2017, with the CFSG community stronger and bigger than ever, the Open is going to be even more exciting.

The Open becomes a time where many athletes surprise themselves at what they are capable of, especially after dedicating themselves to hours at the gym. This time also becomes an opportunity to learn more about the ways in which you can reach other goals by fine tuning certain skills. No matter what you want to obtain from the open, there is always a buzz that surrounds the 5 weeks.

Thank yourself for being a part of a community that doesn’t stop until the clock does, for dedicating yourself to becoming the best version of you, and for looking out for your health all the while sharing a high-five, laugh, or maybe even some sweat post workout.

This community is dedicated to creating a fun and inclusive environment for anyone to succeed. We are looking forward to seeing you participate in the Open!

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