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CFSG Nutrition News...

Posted Feb 3rd, 2017 in News

CFSG Nutrition News...

Written by:  Dr. Julia 

Happy 2017!

Our winter holidays came and went and now we are well back to our schedules and our continuous daily life, where the real magic happens.

I don’t know about you, but right now all I’m thinking about is the Crossfit Open (just a couple weeks away!). Even though most of us aren’t going to the Games or even Regionals, the Open is a very special time in our Crossfit year. I see the Open more as a New Year than the calendar New Year that just passed. The Open is five weeks of carefully planned workouts designed to challenge us physically & mentally. This is a time for us to be at our very best and to see how far we’ve come since last year (or if you’ve recently started Crossfit - a chance to make our baseline mark to compare in years to come). I love the Open and hope everyone in our community takes part. It’s a time of coming together to cheer each other on and push one another to places we didn’t even know we could go. I saw amazing things at the Open in 2016 and people do workouts they didn’t even know they could do!

I view the Open almost like a religious holiday, where we need to go into it with complete intention. We must be prepared for whatever will be thrown at us. The Open will provide answers for what we need to get done for the next year. It is our opportunity for growth by finding our weaknesses, both mental and physical.

Coach Justin has been helping us prepare by his thoughtful training program leading us up to this season. All of our coaches put in so much passion and have been helping us to improve all year long. And we as a community show up and push ourselves to be better everyday! But other than our training, we can also prepare ourselves for optimal performance & recovery and increase the functioning of our internal environment via proper nutrition. From every bite of food we chose to put into our body, to the functioning of our digestive system and the ability of our body to cope with stress, recover and repair has a definitive impact on our performance.

Here are a few options I am offering to help us as a community prepare for the Open, or to just to enhance your biochemistry, organ function and tissue repair and to decrease background noise for optimal daily performance (mentally & physically), even if you decide not to take part in the Open.

14-day reset - This program is designed to help give your body a kick-start towards fat-loss, improved liver function, and to optimize overall body state 4 weeks before the Open starts. It includes two plant-based protein meal replacements per day for 14 days, supplements to help improve liver detoxification pathways & digestion, a group session, an individual visit with me to help guide you to make sure you are getting enough nutrients, and group support during and after the program where we can connect as a community.  Keep an eye out for the announcements about this exciting 2 week reset!

Custom Meal Planning - Including weekly meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists based on your own lifestyle, food preferences, macronutrient profile, schedule, food allergies/sensitives, and particular way of eating. I make plans based on your specific goals be it weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, improved health & well-being, or whatever else. I offer customized low-carb, paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, high-carb, balanced plans or whatever we determine will work best for you. There is also an option to log your food into a system that I can check and give you nudges to keep going where we can examine not only at your macronutrient profile, but also micronutrients, performance and more.

Nutrition Visits - A single visit to go over your diet & supplements to determine what is the best individualized plan of action for you. If you are new to training and nutrition we will go over some of the basics that will help you reach your goals.

Performance Nutrition Workshop - We have an upcoming workshop on Thursday February 9th at 8pm where we will discuss nutrition strategies for optimal performance, recovery and how simple nutrition can decrease your risk of injury and chronic inflammation. Optimal nutrition sets the stage for repair, turns down the noise of suboptimal nutrition, oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction.

I’m looking forward to this Open season with an open mind and heart and wish that we all harness our collective energy and passion as a community to be our best and to never stop. For more info about any of these programs inquire at the front desk or with me!

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