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WOD - Dec 28, 2016

Posted Dec 27th, 2016 in WOD

Workout of the day: 


A. Banded Lat Pull-down with PVC @21X1 4x10-12; Rest as needed
B. Eccentric Pull-up (3-5 sec lowering) 4x3-5; Rest as needed


A. Jumping Bar MU 4x2-5; Rest as needed (box kip method, work on catch position)
B. WTD Strict Pull-ups @31X0 4x4-6; Rest as needed


A. Bar MU 4x3-8UB; Rest as needed
B. WTD Strict CTB Pull-ups @31X0 4x4-6; Rest as needed

ALL: C. 21-15-9

Hang Power Clean 135/95
Toes to Bar

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