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CFSG Coach's Corner - Dec. 2016

Posted Dec 7th, 2016 in News

CFSG Coach's Corner - Dec. 2016

Author - Justin Tamane

As the sport of CrossFit has progressed over the last few years we have seen a shift in training from being about intensity to being about volume. You will hear stories of guys like Rich Froning doing 6 workouts a day or games level athletes doing 3 sessions in one day.

Most of us came to CrossFit because of the high return from those high intensity workouts, but things are changing.  The trend we're seeing is that pacing has become the name of the game. It has become more rare that we go into that dark place. But here is the kicker - that dark place is where we find our results. That dark place is where we challenge ourselves to be better. 

Next time you come into the gym focus on the intensity of your session. You are there for one hour, so make it count. Be present in what you are doing, focusing not just on the number of days you hit in a week but also on the quality of those days.   Try to push yourself (safely) toward reaching your goals, each and every minute you're in the gym. 

The darkness is just temporary.  

"Pain heals. Glory... last forever." 

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