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Our Team

About Us

The team we have assembled brings a depth of knowledge and a balance of diverse experience in the health and fitness industry.

We share a passion for the sport of CrossFit, for building relationships, and for helping our clients see real and lasting results. Each of our individual strengths compliments the others. This creates a dynamic and synergistic team.

Justin Tamane – Head Coach, Partner

  • CrossFit Level 1 Instructor
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting
  • CrossFit Judges Course
  • Honors B.A. of Physical Education, Brock University
  • Associated Degree of Liberal Arts, Erie Community College
  • Kinesiotape Application Experience
  • Kinesiologist/Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist at Aurora Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic
  • Coaches of Canada Member
  • NCCP Baseball Coach

 Justin is both a decorated athlete and a talented coach. He has an impressive track record as a varsity baseball player and is making a name for himself in the CrossFit community, both as an athlete and coach.

Justin first stumbled upon the sport of CrossFit during his time on the varsity baseball team at Brock University. His teammates were taking their fitness to another level, implementing some of the baseline CrossFit workouts into their training regime. After a lifetime of training in traditional “globo gyms” and eating whatever he wanted, Justin found CrossFit to be extremely challenging. His initial experience was a “reality check” – at 5’8” and 195 lbs, he believed he was strong and fit. Once he immersed himself in the CrossFit community and began training consistently, not only was he able to transform his body (dropping 25 lbs and a significant amount of body fat), but he also improved his lifestyle to facilitate his growth as an athlete.

Justin is currently one of Ontario’s top CrossFit athletes and a talented coach who is sought after by multiple CrossFit gyms. His passion is to inspire people to achieve their goals and to create life-changing personal achievements of their own.

Rob Sinclair – General Manager, Partner

  • CrossFit Level 1 Instructor
  • Queen’s University – B.Sc. in Biology, with a minor in Exercise Science
  • Certified personal trainer, nutrition and wellness specialist
  • 4th Degree Black Belt, Internationally experienced instructor
  • Co-owned and operated one of Canada’s top martial arts schools
  • Built an independent Health Coaching business in Victoria, BC.

Rob’s experience in the fitness industry started at a young age. He began teaching martial arts at the age of 15. By 18, he was a key staff member in the top martial arts school chain in Canada. Following University, Rob cut his teeth in membership and personal training sales in Victoria before returning to the world of martial arts as a co-owner and managing director. During this time Rob began networking with a group called M.A.U.I. – Martial Arts University International – a collection of the top 2% of martial arts entrepreneurs from around the world. Here, Rob learned the proven strategies for elite level training, teaching, customer service, sales, marketing, team building, and business management.

In 2009 Rob started his own business as a consultant, helping independent health clubs and some other health-related companies with all levels of sales, marketing and business development. It was at that time that Rob was first introduced to the sport of CrossFit. During his first introductory class the coach talked about earning a “black belt in fitness” – Rob was hooked immediately, and has been involved with the sport every since.

Rob brings a level of strategy and business experience to the team that is helping to raise the bar in the CrossFit industry. His passion for helping other people realize their potential is contagious, and his commitment to creating a team that provides a world-class service is unfaltering

Dan Sinclair – Operations Manager, Partner

  • CrossFit Level 1 Instructor
  • Seneca College – 1 year degree in Certified Fitness Professional
  • York University – 3 year degree in Creative Advertising
  • Humber College – 1 year pre-service Fire Fighter Education and Training
  • First Aid/CPR Heart and Stroke instructor, EMFR Medical Training
  • Career Firefighter in Midland, ON

Dan brings not only an admirable amount of experience in the fitness industry as a professional, but also as an athlete. Dan’s youth was spent on a soccer field making his way up through the ranks to the professional level at the age of 18. When an injury forced him out of the world of professional athletics, a new passion was discovered during the attempted rehabilitation of that injury. The relationship that was developed with a trainer while recovering helped Dan realize that this was an amazing industry to be involved in. He saw that there was a difference to be made in people’s lives.

In the following years, Dan’s natural leadership skills and service-first mindset have grated him much needed experience. He has been a successful small business owner, an integral part of a GoodLife Fitness club start-up team, a private consultant for fitness clubs in the GTA, as well an elite level CrossFit trainer and manager at one of the longest standing CrossFit clubs in Ontario.

Dan’s commitment to his clients is second to none. He continues to exceed expectations, helping the people he works with to achieve a level of performance and life improvement they hadn’t previously thought possible. His ability to attract a team of dedicated individuals and lead by example is sought after in the fitness industry and the success of his clients and projects speaks for itself.

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